Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Are Ya'll Even Still Speaking to Me?

I wouldn't be surprised if all of you just went pffft... the heck with her... she's never around when you need her!

I know i've been so absent.  

Honestly, I think i've just been shut down...  Do you ever get like that where everything you do just seems overwhelming, or pointless, or you feel like everything in your life is just stupid?

Well, i sure do.
I worry about my kids, money, the future, storms, asteroids hitting the earth
pretty much anything you can think of
and sometimes all of it just saps the life force right out of me

I haven't even really been able to paint in like 2 months!  Just couldn't do it... well except for one painting that i worked on intermittantly. Just today, for the first time in 2 months i felt like i could pick up the paint brush, and get it close to finished

Marian, "Miss Mustard Seed" might want it if she has a place for it, if not it will be for sale...

I'm really lucky that she likes my paintings, because people notice everything she does, and lots of people have bought my prints   because of her!  Especially "Eulalie"

Thank you Marian for making my paintings look so good with all your beautiful things !

anyway, here it is...
I don't have a name yet
but dosen't it seem like two old friends have a peaceful graze together

I had 10 days off of work, and had a list 80 miles long of all this stuff i was going to get done, and mostly i just started too many projects and made big chaotic messes everywhere, let the dogs in and out of the house 90 thousand times a day and wore myself out. 

So the dogs..............  
First one of the dogs wants out, so after a minute the other dog realizes that the first one is out, and decides she wants to go out too, but when i let her out the first dog decides to come in while the door is open -  so when i let her back in, the other one messes around in the yard a few minutes and is like crap, now i want back in too... and so it goes 90 thousand times a day...

Anyway, it is very very clear to me that  I need structure, or I will stay up until 2:00 in the morning drinking vodka and watching movies like Armageddon two nights in a row... seriously , i did that... 
Honestly, the way i talk about drinking vodka, i guess ya'll think i'm a terrible alcoholic
but i'm not a terrible alcoholic,
i'm a  perfectly good, very controlled, measured, and systematic alcoholic
i never drink before 8:00 pm
and i never get actually too very drunk... 
just perfectly buzzed
 i don't drink at parties because it makes me feel flushed and weird and stupid
In fact, i don't feel bad about drinking at all
I don't know how in the world anyone goes through life without drinking
That's insane

Ok... to change the subject to something that makes me appear more normal... and less of a substance abuser 

 the garden has been unbelievable this year. 

The snowball bush was humongous and slam full of big fluffy white balls, and roses are tumbling around the yard everywhere!  

dusk in the front yard

Rosebud cottage in the morning, a quick photo right before I leave for work...

Found a darlin little birds nest tucked into the branches of an Eden rose next to the house
see it in there?

and i finally got the window boxes planted.  It is always so fun to see them  full of pink geraniums

And i discovered an Iris i just LOVE 
It's called Champagne Elegance

Get one, you will adore it

the soft yellow and creamy white are so pretty with everything else in the garden

It's my new favorite thing....

and just look at this precious pink impatients

This little vintage cherub sits in the back yard in an old birdbath top

I hung a chandy from a tree in the front yard
it was a bargain chandy,
but it's still cute, and  i love to plug it in at night and sit outside under the tree, and have a nice little drink, watch the lightening bugs, and smell the honeysuckle
come on... what could be better than that

...and the rose i showed in the very first photo

here it is again...

it is wonderful! 
 I think it is called Peach Drift 
It has a smallish bloom and the colors are divine
all those colors are on two little rose clusters!

I did find this little desk at the thrift shop and painted it grayish with a mix of Annie Sloan paint colors, and then painted the inside pink

i love the shabby old mirror on top

I want to use it for my computer so it isn't sitting on the kitchen counter... but i need my friend Missy from "My Cottage Charm" to come over with her tools and help drill some holes in the back for computer cords!

My Friend  Karan of "Fetch Antiques" found me a an old chippy frame and it fit my print of "Good Morning Miss Daisy" perfectly!

She is 24 x 36 which is a standard size so it is not too hard to find old frames in that size at thrift shops and flea markets

I saw this print hanging  on a pink wall once at another friends shop -  Uniquitiques  - she purchased the print for herself and we tacked it up in her shop on the pink walls just to take a look at her 
she looked so damn pretty on those pink walls
that i decided to paint the inside of the frame pink

If you have a pink wall and you love shabby, cottagy stuff, and well, cows...
you should buy her -  and i'm not just saying that to make a sale
not even remotely 
she just looks so stunning on soft pink walls
in fact, if you want her, and you let me know you read about her in this blog post, i'll give you 20% off the price

I was really tickled that she tucked right in the frame
 i secured her in there with a little duct tape since i didn't have the right canvas securing equipment thingys

Mr. Fractured would be proud, he uses duct tape for everything
but i bet his duct tape isn't pink with white polka dots like mine is

So anyway... just want to say thanks to all of you for being there, i'm not kidding... even when i miss your posts, things happen to me all the time that make me think of each and every one of you -  and i plan to spend the next week catching up on you guys...
I feel like you are not only my friends, but my social life, my support group, the people who make me laugh, and touch my heart... and let me share myself even in all my ADHD, vodka drinking, anxiety attack weirdo dysfunction
you're still there 
I tell you guys stuff that alot of people around me every day don't even know

how crazy is that

big hugs

... the end ...

Monday, April 21, 2014

By Golly, You CAN Paint Fabric With Annie Sloan Paint!

Check it out, it works!

I bought this chair this weekend for a really great price... 
I thought it had potential, i liked the shape of it, and it was good and sturdy

but I wasn't thrilled with the dark wood, and fake looking frenchy fabric

this is the before...

I was in such a rush to mess with it, that i started painting and almost forgot to take a "Before" picture!

I had to force myself to stop what i was doing to take the photos

Instant gratification always gets in the way of my 'before' photos!

Anyway, i painted the frame with some Annie Sloan "Old White" thinking maybe i could get the chair recovered,  all the while mulling if i was going to attempt recovering it myself

I was also thinking ... himmmmm,  Amy at Maison Decor says you can paint fabric with Annie Sloan chalk paint.

In fact, she just recently did a facebook post about some chairs she painted over a year ago!

I was hesitant to try it, but by the time the frame had it's second coat, I said 'the hell with it' what do i have to lose !

I added a little water to some Annie Sloan and just started painting it on!

and it works!

It took about 3 coats to get to this point, and shape of the pattern does still show through the paint a little

I probably could've added another coat or two

but instead i decided to paint a stripe on it to detract the eye

I just taped it off with that blue painters tape and painted some Anne Sloan "Cocoa" on it

you can kind of see the pattern showing through in this closeup

 After it dried, i sat on it, and i poked and proded it with my finger.
I mean the paint totally stays on and doesn't get on your clothes or crack or anything!  

It's cool!  It feels a little like stiff chalky vinyl.  

I need to wax it to give it a softer texture per Amy. 
 I just don't have any Annie Sloan wax yet, so it will have to wait...


Aren't ya'll glad it's finally Springlike outside! 

We've had the worst, cold, rainy, looooong winter!!!

I was so totally over it, and completely getting seasonal affective disorder to the max

but finally the sun is coming out!

and things are starting to burst into bloom here at Rosebud cottage!

 It was my daughter Ellie's 24th birthday, so i made the yearly lemon pansy cake!  

Always easy and so pretty with the fresh edible pansies

and i planted something new in the garden

 I found a bouquet with this 'cafe au lait' in it last year at a garden center, and knew i had to try them out...

Just look at this dahlia!

I've seen this flower in person, and it is really that pretty! 
Best shade of pink ever!

This is the color i want my car to be...

Anyway... sorry to blather on

I always think i have nothing interesting to blog about, 
and then when i finally do a blogpost, i have like 10 different things to talk about!

Ok, one more photo of 'Cafe Au Lait' and I'll leave ya'll alone and go catch up on some of you while it's quiet here at work...

beautiful flowers and photos!

oh yeah, and if you want to read all about growing dahlias and other flowers, you should go check out this ladies website 
She is so totally charming and gracious. They grow all their flowers without chemicals, it's a small but growing family business, there are gorgeous photos of flowers, and she tells you all about her tried and true remedies for growing flowers of all kinds!
(was that the longest sentence with the most adjectives ever?)

...the end...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Pretty Darn Good Rug !

I just wanted to drop a quick post and say


Hi, everyone!  I'm surprised you'll even talk to me, i've been so absent... 
 i miss the luxury of perusing your blog posts. 

Instead lately i have been forced to  frantically try to catch up on your posts and read like five posts at once until i  look like a stalker...

In fact i'm at work right now and trying to sneak a quick post in...

I just wanted to show you this Dash and Albert indoor outdoor rug I purchased for the dining room... 

I really kinda like it!

 I had a sisal rug here, and was feeling it was kind of dark...

Anyway, this new rug totally brightened up the room!
I've had one little spill of coffee or soda or something on it, and i was like... ok... let's see if this cleans up well...
And yes mam it did!  

Just blotted it up with a clean damp cloth and you couldn't even tell it was ever there - so that's cool...

None of the dogs have thrown up on it yet, as they usually do within 15 minutes of getting a new rug... 
so i'll keep you up to date on how easily it cleans when that happens!

here's the link to it... got it from RugStudio, and shipping was free

Also i saw these outdoor cushions at TJ Maxx the other day
they were great colors - 

so  keep a look out for them if you like the look

usually outdoor cushions are awful colors, but I thought these were nice!

they had some blue ones with shells on them too

Ok, gotta go before i get busted doing blog posts at work! 

Geesh - I kinda thought when i was 60 years old that i would be 

living happily ever after
with normal grown up children ( oh lord help me)
maybe working part time just for fun
doing yoga and meditating
getting manicures
drinking wine
driving my pink caddie to my beach cottage
and having fun luncheons with all my friends

not sneaking blog posts from work at a job i have to have to pay my bills and buy my vodka and my vegan chocolate chip cookies from Whole Foods
(ok, i know vegan chocolate chips from Whole Foods is a luxury, i'm a brat)
oh well, whatever...
...i'm thankful for the job 
definitely for the cookies
but most of all for the vodka...

Big hugs to you guys

...the end...

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Chandy and a Little Leaf Bomb...

I accidently bought a new chandy for my dining room... oops

ok, so it wasn't exactly an accident.. 
I obsessively shopped for a chandelier that i could even remotely afford that had some bronze on it until i found one, and then i just impulsively bought it... 

filling the void again... lord ....

Anyway... i do really like it better than my previous chandy which i purchased at a very low price from an online lighting shop...  
it was all clear glass and bright silver, and it was ok...

But i really love that dark bronzy look with the crystals, and i thought this new vintage chandy was so more of what i really wanted

Here is the old chandelier... and it's pretty..

but it just wasn't quite "it" if you know what i mean...

I added my pink Annie Sloan dyed lampshades to the new chandy, ..

but haven't added all the crazy drippy ribbon yet... 

I love decorating chandy's with ribbons and feathers, and flowers,  and random crazy stuff, don't you?

you might notice that the "proof" of the "Good Morning Miss Daisy" print is still taped to the wall in the background.  
I finally got a large print of her for myself, and i'm so glad i did.  Damn those prints are expensive! I hate that lady, why are her prints so expensive!? oh...oops, that's me

really there are reasons for it, 
i'll explain more some time about Artificial Brightening Agents (which you don't want)  and Archival canvas and real pigmented inks and stuff

but not now

every single lampshade on this thing is crooked... ok, whatever...

but isn't that dark bronzy brass so frenchy and yummy!



Ok, so my little dog "Daisy"....

What the heck !!!

She goes outside to potty

and finds leaves somehow, even though the whole yard has been raked

and the leaves magnetically adhere to her fur
you can't even pull those leaves off, they're just stuck!

ok, but here's the crazy part

as soon as she walks in the house, POOF! they explode off of her and cover all the floors and rugs in my house in these little crunchy brown leaves!

check it out

whenever she comes in the house covered with leaves like this ... 
i always look at her and say DAISY!!!!

and she's always like "Whut"?


Anyway, i'll leave you guys with a photo of some dresses that i saw at Macy's this weekend...

they were all just fairy fluff
now THAT'S what i call a prom dress!

soooo pretty...


...the end...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

With Flowers and Feathers in His Hair...

I think i showed you guys this horse i painted a few weeks ago.  

I liked him pretty well, but was just itching to do something that was more me...

Sometimes when i paint, i think about what other people would like

and sometimes i just want to paint something the way i would like it...

even if it is a little weird or different

Here he is before the flowers and feathers...

Here is a close up with some flowers... 
and oh yes,  HAD to add some eyelashes too!

 the suggestion of feathers...

 so NEXT "Good Morning Miss Daisy" is going to get the Cindy treatment...

a pink bow!
I bought a print of her for myself, and I don't think i can resist painting a ribbon around her neck, maybe even a ribbon with a big bell

I already have a satin ribbon draped over the print giving it "the eye"to figure out the perfect shade of pink

I'm not quite sure how i'm gonna pull it off yet

doesn't everyone tie ribbons around their pet cow's necks anyway!?
 we'll see if it all works out

Watch out Miss Daisy! here i come with my paint brushes!

...the end...

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Two of My Favorite Things...

In this post i want to talk about two of my favorite things...

My newest favorite thing is my two cowhide rugs.

I love them...

I have one in my bedroom ...  you can see it below

Also you can see how the settee in the bedroom usually looks, with my furry vest thrown on it, and a nubby throw, and folded blankies and towels that arent' put away...

Anyway, i just love how these cowhides feel under my feet, and how they aren't round or square or rectangle... I love sitting on them because it feels like I'm sitting next to something natural and not synthetic

I'm sorry a sweet cow had to die for me to have the rug, but i imagine millions of cows get slaughtered everyday, and at least a couple of their coats can be appreciated and admired long after they are gone...

the best way i can describe it is that the rugs have "chi" 
 "CHI is the term for the universal energy, or the energy that permeates everything around us."

I know they are in style right now, but i don't think i will get tired of them as if they were just a decor fad...
I think i'll like them for years to come

Here is the cowhide i have in my living room

I sit on the soft cowhide and lean on the back of the chair while Mr. Fractured is sitting in it...

I never used to sit on the floor before i had the cowhide, 

 On the arm of the chair i also have a rabbit fur
it feels like heaven

My kids came over one night and were commenting on how i have all these dead animals everywhere
They pointed out the cowhides, and then the sheepskin, and the rabbit fur... and we were all like holy crap, it looks like vikings live here!

Then i pointed out that they hadn't even notice my deer antlers!
They were like GAAAHHHHH!!!

Anyway, those are all the furry, animaly things i have around
except my two doggies...

who by the way love the furs too!

oh yeah, and check this out...
this is my furry vest

and this is my dog and best nap buddy "Daisy"

My next all time favorite thing is baskets!

I have always loved baskets

I have baskets for everything ...

tucked in corners for storage...

in the laundry room for dirty clothes...

on top of the fridge to store pitchers and stuff...

in the bedroom for dumping clean laundry instead of having to fold it right away, cause who wants to do that!

 in the living room to store cd's and stuff

on the kitchen counter for mail, and glasses and all those random papers i don't know where to put but shouldn't throw away...

(isn't this the cutest little silver pitcher)

 brief interlude for photos of this precious little pitcher...

more baskets - 

under the tv table in the living room to store all of Mr. Fractured's tangled guitar cords...

you can see it's pretty scruffed up

under the dresser in my bedroom for miscellaneous "stuff"

in the living room to hold the remote controls... 

lord help me with those! 
I only know how to find like 5 channels on my tv... 
i'm helpless without Mr. Fractured when it comes to the remote controls

ok, and finally, I have a basket that i carry to work everyday with all my papers and bills and my lunch in it.

I LOVE this basket and as you can see it is almost shot

If anyone knows where to find one like it i would love to know!!

I even have stuff on my floor that looks like baskets!

So that's a crazy amount of baskets isn't it!
I haven't even talked about all the baskets filled with towels and napkins and stuff in my closets!

You know... things like shells, and baskets woven from natural fibers, and cowhide rugs, and beautiful wood, and feathers,and wool and cotton ... all those kinds of natural things are always pretty darn wonderful

                           Nature gets it just right every time...

...the end...